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Artistic Design & Editing by Verona Fonté

Artwork by Roman Llaguno in Oaxaca, Mexico

Music donated by Guadalupe Urbina

Produced by Iris Arts & Education Group  2004

A short designed and produced by Verona Fonte using the images of the artist Roman Llaguno from the province of Oaxaca in Mexico. The narrative was also written by Verona Fonte and is based on Roman's description of his life and work. All of the images in his paintings at the time Verona met him in 2004 were his family - his wife and children. And the dream sequence described in the beginning of the narrative is a repetitive dream Roman had. Roman's work was influenced by Marc Chagall and by his dreams. This is another example of work done with the paintings of an artist that are deconstructed and then animated into a narrative about the work of the artist.