Current Projects 2020

Afro-Cuban Yoruba Creation Myth

This project's objective is to produce an animation depicting the Yoruba Afro-Cuban Creation myth. The project was produced by Verona Fonté through Iris Arts, and Co-Produced by Jose Gonzales and Victor Mora de Havana, Cuba. Victor Mora had painted 29 paintings of Yoruba Orishas. These were deconstructed digitally and animated to tell this story. The final version is about 10 minutes long and is in Spanish. An English version is being produced.

2018 - 2020


#WhyFactsMatter Media Collective mentors digital media students to create socially relevant media shorts. Our upcoming theme is  Uniting a Divided Country focusing on ways to reunite and heal the nation. How can we move on and begin to fight the battles that really matter: climate change, racial equality, homelessness, fair pay, and housing?

Toward that end, we are working with students to create a series of radio PSA and short videos to reach across cultural, generational, and spectrum borders with a compelling urgency. 

All current donations go to the
#WhyFactsMatter project

Link here to make a donation

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