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Fiscal Sponsor Programs

Iris provides interim fiscal sponsorship for selected projects that fit the organization's mission.

Former Iris projects not included on this website: Digital Media Literacy & The Altruistic Archetype.

Iris Arts does not seek organizations to serve as fiscal sponsors.  All projects that have been sponsored are projects that Iris Arts involves itself in or are projects of known cohorts/organizations that Iris Arts supports.

WHY FACTS MATTERS mentors digital media students to create socially relevant media shorts. The collective's work focused on GOTV and Pro-Democracy public service announcements. Toward that end, in 2020, the collective worked with students to create a series of radio PSAs and short videos that reach across cultural, generational, and spectrum borders.


Iris Arts was a fiscal sponsor and collaborator of the fashion show

" POST IDENTITY" in Havana in early 2020 reflected visual art and fashion interacting directly with each other, contributing their identities as individual artists to the final artistic creation.  Rafa Suau, a well-known Cuban fashion designer, merged two disciplines by collaborating with 20 visual artists.  20 high designs were created and then 20 visual artists were invited to design the fabric for the collection. Each artist was given a design illustration from which to work. Most visual artists were Cuban, except painters from Chile, Italy, Venezuela, the United States, and Spain. Verona Fonte, from Iris Arts, contributed the show's conceptual framework, graphic design, and art for one of the dresses. Iris was also a fiscal sponsor.  2020

VOZ   PROPRIA - Costa Rica

Iris has provided consultation, fundraising strategies, and digital media support to the Voz Propia Foundation since 2007. The primary objective of this foundation is the artistic and cultural development of socially challenged children and youth.  Voz Propia's projects focus on maintaining cultural identity and creating projects that support sustainability issues.  Iris consulted and provided support for the socio-environmental project Centro de Arte Y Sostenibilidad in Longo Mai located in Finca Sonador (Sonador Farm), in Buenos Aires de Osa, southern Costa Rica. The project continues to work artistically with children, and they can expand into sustainability issues such as protecting their watershed from runoff from huge pineapple plantations that are in mountain areas, organic gardening, and preservation of the rainforest they are located in.   2007 to 2016.


In response to the swine flu emergency Iris Arts has offered the pandemic preparation book "Bird Flu What To Do: Prepare To Survive" and a PDF copy of the updated version "What To Do: Prepare To Survive" both by Verona Fonté to non-profit, religious and community organizations who are interested in creating disaster-resistant communities. In 2020 the book was partially translated into Spanish, sent to Cuba and several other Latino countries for open source distribution.


The aim of the Eradicating Ecocide campaign is to stop the destruction of ecosystems by human activities, putting in place a law of Ecocide as the 5th International Crime Against Peace. A major campaign strategy of this initiative is to use a range of online sources (including our website, social media, visual arts,posters and short films) to build a global campaign to educate people about ecocide and give them tools to call on governments to agree for Ecocide to become a crime at Rio+20. Iris is the U.S. fiscal sponsor of this iniative.   2012 - 2014



Project Director: Roberto Zamora, Costa Rica

This project, headed by Roberto Zamora, seeks to strengthen and develop the concept of Peace as a Human Right by developing coalitions with people and organizations in the international community that embrace principles such as disarmament, gun control, peace as a “human right”, fair trade between nations large and small, the rule of law and access to justice.  It seeks to challenge the practice of perpetual war, the “outsourcing” development of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ to less dominant nations; the impact of the development of these weapons on struggling third world economies and the impact of weapons development and war on the environment and climate change.   2008 -2013



“HEIST:   Who  Stole  the  American  Dream” - The movie 

HEIST premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival in 2011 and is stunning audiences across the globe as it traces the worldwide economic collapse to a 1971 secret memo entitled Attack on American Free Enterprise System. Written over 40 years ago by the future Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell, at the behest of the US Chamber of Commerce, the 6-page memo, a free-market utopian treatise, called for a money fueled big business makeover of government through corporate control of the media, academia, the pulpit, arts and sciences and destruction of organized labor and consumer protection groups. It has won awards across the U.S. and is a New York Times Critics Pick in 2012.   Currently major US unions, as well as national NGOs are using the film as an educational tool across the country, an it is on TV in a number of European countries.   2010 - present


The Positive Peace WarriorNetwork (PPWN) works towards a culture of positive peace through the institutionalization of Kingian Nonviolence. By providing communities with the opportunity to explore the skill and will of Dr. King’s philosophy, we will learn from the past, creatively apply lessons to our present and foster a better future. PPWN nonviolence trainers introduce community participants to the Kingian Nonviolence philosophy and the ways Kingian nonviolence, as espoused by Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.   2012 - 2014


BioMedLink is a start-up social venture designed to build community and commerce around affordable biomedical innovations. BioMedLink aims to bridge the gap between medically-underserved clinicians, innovators, and those who fund, manufacture, and distribute biomedical devices and mobile health apps throughout the developing world.  2013 to 2016

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